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1.  Social Skills for Seniors:  Learn techniques to think and play.   Improv is a type of theatre where there’s no script.  Whatever is said is the truth so no need to worry about whether if you "think" you made a mistake. Fun and laughter guaranteed.

Improv Scene work

2.  Getting out of my head:  Living a Spontaneous Life:  Learn techniques to get you in the moment, trust your choices and go with the flow. 

Amy - Teachers who love what they do and are willing to share it with other women are the heart of Celebrate Yourself!  You are such a person and we are thankful.  We did "Clams are Great" and "Park Bench" scene to great applause. Thank you, Thank you  --  Celebrate You Conference, Pat

Scene Work - Adult Improv Class

3.  Think on your Feet:  Learn techniques to keep you on your toes.  Stop thinking "should have said" and strenghten your communication skills.

These are some of the options.  If you would like to discuss how improv can fit into your business or organization, please contact me >>

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