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"Hi Amy,  At our meeting, our principal shared how much she enjoyed seeing our scholars at the showcase. As I have mentioned 8 of the 12 scholars have had difficulty in school this year. You would never have known that based on their performance.  One of the student's mom was so happy and proud to hear how she had done. Probably the first positive thing she has heard all year.  Watching scholars  build up their self confidence, imagination, teamwork and speaking skills is one of the things that keeps me in teaching. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and our scholars." .....Mike Portesan - Obama Elementary, St. Paul 


Classroom Workshops

Workshops for the classroom are aligned with Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards. Workshop curriculum can be modified according to subject matter and grade level, to meet each classroom's needs.


After School and Summer Programs

Six, eight or ten-week classes are offered for afterschool programs. 


Participants learn the basics of improv through games, by inventing characters, and creating scene work. Classes work on trust and create a comfortable play environment that allows kids to celebrate their uniqueness, support partners and strengthen confidence in their choices.  This class can be modified for continuing classes or advanced improv.



Amy was a great instructor - I didn't want the class to end!!!
--622 Community Education Comedy Improv Participant
Loved the class, Amy was so fun and a great instructor!  I want more improv!
Education Comedy Improv Participant--622 Community
This really helped me with my communication skills and confidence.  It was fun and educational, I would like a part two - there is so much to learn.
--622 Community Education Think on Your Feet Participant 
Classes offered for business groups, retreats, conferences and workshops.

Great class for adults to build confidence in speaking and just taking risks.  Whether it is a business or casual conversation, the feeling that you could have responded differently given more time is pretty common. Through interactive improvisation exercises you will strengthen your communication skills, gain speaking confidence, learn how to listen without an agenda.   


A fun way to engage seniors and have them try something new. This class combines movement, memory and laughter all in one.  There is no right or wrong in playing improv games. For seniors, improv comedy keeps minds flexible, creates social opportunities, and inspires pure joy.




Hi Amy, Thank you for doing such a terrific job with the young adults in the social skills improv class! I wasn't able to attend the show however, (student's) dad, came and recorded it to show us later in the day.
(Student) seemed to really enjoy the session, (loved seeing his huge smile and sparkle in his eyes) and immediately says yes to participating again. He is currently enrolled in the next session
Thanks again for all your enthusiasm, patience, support and energy you bring to this class! Much appreciated,
--Michele   (AuSM Parent)

If you ever wonder if your teaching is making a difference – it is!  Amy you have done an amazing job and this shows the transformation that can happen.

Thanks for your leadership on Improv – it is changing our the lives of our teens and young adults with autism for the better!
--Nora Slawik (Director Of Education and Training AuSM)


Different Abilities


All students bring their own experiences and abilities when they approach learning.  


Through improv, students can build self-confidence while they learn new skills and continue to develop their strengths, 

even finding some they didn't know they had.  


Improv not only helps in the development of new skills, but is also a great way for young people to make friends and socialize. And sometimes this can be the most difficult part of a young person's life.


Creating curriculum and teaching to all abilities is definitely a passion for JK Improv.

WOW!!  Thank you so much for making Megan's birthday party so special.  She has always enjoyed your classes, and this was hilarious!  Also, loved you were able to include the adults!  Would definitely recommend it to friends  --  Shar (Parent of elementary participant) 

 Private Parties
Private Parties and Events


Looking for something different to do at an adult party, a kids' birthday party or a family reunion?  Well look no further.  Just Kidding Improv can bring something new and fun to the table.   This is a fun way to connect, have fun and  laugh.  We will customize games to fit the needs of your group.  

These are some of the options.  If you would like to discuss how improv can fit into your classroom, social setting or afterschool program, please contact me >>
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