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Participant Feedback
Hire Amy right now! She came in and did an improv workshop for our team of 12 for 90 minutes for a team bonding activity. She was amazing. I told her ahead of time to keep it really “improv light” and I didn’t want to intimidate anyone and she more than delivered. The activities were fun and engaging and allowed us to collaborate and bond in a different way, yet very approachable. No one ever got out on the spot, and we worked in teams the whole time. I couldn’t recommend Amy more! -  Morgan Rogers, Director of Marketing, OMCARE
Hi Amy,  At our meeting, our principal shared how much she enjoyed seeing our scholars at the showcase. As I have mentioned 8 of the 12 scholars have had difficulty in school this year. You would never have known that based on their performance.  One of the student's mom was so happy and proud to hear how she had done. Probably the first positive thing she has heard all year.  Watching scholars  build up their self confidence, imagination, teamwork and speaking skills is one of the things that keeps me in teaching. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and our scholars. Take care.....Mike Portesan - Obama Elementary, St. Paul 

Hi Amy, Thank you for doing such a terrific job with the young adults in improv! I wasn't able to attend the show however, (student's) dad, came and recorded it to show us later in the day. (Student) seemed to really enjoy the session, (loved seeing his huge smile and sparkle in his eyes) and immediately says yes to participating again. He is currently enrolled in the next session
Thanks again for all your enthusiasm, patience, support and energy you bring to this class! Much appreciated,
--Michele   (AuSM Parent)
Amy is wonderful! She did such an amazing job engaging every girl in the group. Her class was talked about long after the class was over. I plan on using just kidding improv for future events for sure! - - Alida Black
Amy,  Thanks again for a wonderful night!  The kids did so well!  A testament to your guidance and teaching. I hope you have a wonderful summer.
--Heidi Shaback (VCCS Parent)
If you ever wonder if your teaching is making a difference – it is!  Amy you have done an amazing job and this shows the transformation that can happen.
Thanks for your leadership on Improv – it is changing our the lives of our teens and young adults with autism for the better!
--Nora Slawik (Director Of Education and Training AuSM)
 I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you've done over the past year and for helping me to come out of my shell and think more abstract.
-- (AuSM Particpant)
(Participant) LOVES coming to j/k Improv  and I LOVE how great you are with her & all the other kids~ simply amazing my dear!!!!  You definitely found your niche!! Cant express how thankful I am!! 
-- Kathy Parent (Improv Social Skills Class)
Amy was a great instructor - I didn't want the class to end!!!
--622 Community Education Comedy Improv Participant
Loved the class, Amy was so fun and a great instructor!  I want more improv!
Education Comedy Improv Participant--622 Community
This really helped me with my communication skills and confidence.  It was fun and educational, I would like a part two - there is so much to learn.
--622 Community Education Think on Your Feet Participant 
Our son attended this summer. What a great group of young people and instructors. I highly recommend this class, whether or not the family has previous comedy or improv experience. Please recommend it to any families with a teen or young adult on the autism spectrum.
--Kathy Riggs Williams (Summer Social Skills Class) 
We have done both the special needs class and the community ed class with both of my girls. The special ed class is so fun for my daughter. She struggles with anxiety and socializing (she is on the spectrum) and this class has helped her open up. The other kids in the class are encouraging and inspirational to her so she laughs a lot and opens up a little more at each class. She is still pretty withdrawn in social situations, but we continue to put her in this class because she is learning at her own pace and she's surrounded by people who see the good in her (which is much needed in the world of special needs -- very rare to find people who aren't preoccupied with looking at all your weaknesses). My other daughter struggles with shyness and making friends, so she really enjoyed acting and thinking on her feet. Even the things she found hard to do helped her overcome her fear of looking stupid. This class is great and I will be sending my kids to them as long as they want to go! Amy is great :)
--Michelle (Parent of an 833 Community Ed student and Social Skills student)
Amy - Teachers who love what they do and are willing to share it with other women are the heart of Celebrate Yourself!  You are such a person and we are thankful.  We did "Clams are Great" and "Park Bench" scene to great applause.  Thank you, Thank you
--  Celebrate You Conference, Pat

Amy - I absolutely loved yesterday and so did the residents.  As an OT, I appreciate all of that brain work more than I can ever describe!  Amber West Director of Life Enrichment, Gable Pines



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