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Just Kidding Improv, LLC was started in 2013, after enrolling my child in classes at a local improv theater. I saw how it started to transform her - she laughed more easily, used her imagination when playing with friends and was overall just having fun.  I also noticed she was starting to problem solve situations when she was experiencing anxiety.  There was a confidence in her that carried over to academics and relationships with her peers. That is when I knew I wanted other children to experience the power of improv.  


I have seen so many positive changes in the children, teens, adults and seniors I have worked with and it makes me so happy I embarked on this journey.  I appreciate all the support and kind words.




Principles of Improv


  • Failure is Okay - you learn from it, so celebrate it

  • Make your partner look good

  • Yes... and.... Accept your partners offer and add to it

  • Fully commit to your choices

  • Do what comes next - keep it simple

  • LISTEN!!!

Amy Stedman
Education & Background
  • B.A. Communications

  • Master of Arts Teaching

  • Licensed Teacher

  • 10 years classroom teacher and curriculum development

  • 8 yearsHuman Resources: Training and Development, Recruitment and Organizational Development  




Improv Experience





Skill Development


​The goal is to build social and emotional skills through play.  Improv is to play and have fun through games and interaction with peers.  During play, it is not important that you find the right answer, more importantly while playing in improv, you learn it is okay to make mistakes - to learn from them and move forward.  It is through this play we foster spontaneous and creative development. 



What Are The Outcomes of Improv


  • Self Awareness

  • Team Building

  • Collaborating 

  • Listening

  • Following Directions

  • Self-Confidence

  • Problem Solving

  • Empathy

  • Creative Thinking Skills

  • Intuitive Skills build valuable social and emotional skills through play.




Studied at HUGE Theater

Stevie Ray Improv Company 


Numerous Workshops all over the United States

  • Susan Messing,              Annoyance Theater and iO.

  • David Razowsky,  Second City Training Center.

  • Jill Bernard,  HUGE Theater.

  • Joe Bill - iO Chicago 

  • Matt Craig, iO West Theater.

  • Lauren Anderson,                   Brave New Workshop

  • Jimmy Carrane- Improv Nerd





I have a passion for improv, because it has changed my life.  I have been blessed to be able to work with an amazing theater, HUGE, and an awesome improv community.  I am a committed teacher, performer and student.  In my 10 years in the classroom, and  20 years in education, I have applied improv techniques in my lessons with great results.

In my many years of teaching improv, I have learned anyone can benefit from improv, no matter their abilities.  I have taught all levels and abilities of students and seen amazing transformations.

My background is in teaching, curriculum development, human resources, training and development and project management.  My degrees are in Communications from Winona State University and a Masters from the University of St. Thomas.  


I continue to actively work on my own skills as an improviser and performer.  I am involved in a duo, Community Ed, we have performed at Two Friends, New Orleans improv Festival Green Bay Improv Festival and Omaha Improv Festival multiple times as well as locations all over the Twin Cities. HUGE Theater, Honey's, Bryant Lake Bowl, I have also produced a monthly improv show called Dynamic Duos at Dreamland Arts and am Currently producing a show at Bryant Lake Bowl called Community Ed with a Side of Just Nancee.  We have performed for Fearless Comedy, as well as performing for private events.   I also play in other improv group, Cursed and Amy Presents...  I am located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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